Ask Anna Pearl – Meal Planning 101 – Decide Best Time to Plan

Decide when is the best time to do your meal planning.

* Monthly Planning – Will you plan your February meals on the 15th of January so that you have enough time to grocery shop for those first meals of the month?

* Weekly Planning – Pick a day that isn’t crazy! We all have thone days in the week that are a little more chill than the rest of the week. Reserve a half hour on that day to plan out your meals for the week.

* Daily Planning – this just takes a few minutes. It consists of preparation of ingredients for the days meals. This is best done in the morning. Will you do it as soon as you get up? Before the kids get up? Will you do it the night before?

Meal Planning is all about….Well, Planning! You have to plan when you are going to plan!


Will you do it early in the morning or during your lunch break? How about in the evening after the kids have gone to bed? Hubbie will be glued to the tube….Go for it!

* Very Important Tip – Every plan has an evil force working against it. This force wants to stop the plan from working. Sometimes the evil force wins the fight. Just because you lost the battle, does not mean you surrender the WAR! No one is perfect. Make intentional choices. Do your best to stick by your choice. If it doesn’t work, re-plan.

Do Not Let the Evil Meal Planning Force Take You Down. Good Will Overcome Evil!!

Anna Pearl

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