Ask Anna Pearl – Meal Planning 101 – Meal Planning Methods

Last week, we talked about the two things you need to decide when you are starting a meal planning program. Today, we are going to discuss which planning method that would work best for your family.

Let’s break it down into three methods: electronic, paper or a whiteboard.

•Are you the family that sits around the living room and everyone is on their phone or computer? If a question needs to be asked and answered, are you more likely to get an answer if you email or text it? If this is your family, you might want to look at an electronic meal planning program. Some programs are very comprehensive and offer lots of perks. Here’s a link to a cool blog that lists 5 free Meal Planning Apps.…/meal-planning-apps-that-make-…


Other options are to use Google Calendar or the calendar on your smart phone.

•Are you already using a paper planner, a binder, or a regular old notepad to do your daily planning? Train your family to go to the notebook on the desk to see “What’s for Dinner” instead of asking you 100 times a week! Many planner fillers have meal planning and grocery shopping sheets included. I like

•Is your family more of a visual type of folks. Do they need to see it to believe it? A whiteboard in your kitchen is probably the best method to choose. This is also a good method for the creative, right brained meal planner that might want to draw a little chicken leg next to the night they are making Fried Chicken.

Now that you have the three method to start planning, choose which one is best for you and your family. Time to go shopping! Let us know if you need help on the shopping part! We are pretty good at that!

On Friday, we will discuss how to choose the best time to do your meal planning. A hint? You will need to think of the best time to do Monthly, Weekly, and Daily planning.

Anna Pearl

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